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Life is not a series of transactions; it's about developing a relationship with our environment, whether that's the workplace, customers, business life, family and that person that you want to become will need a mentor.  We all need a mentor. 


It's moments of discreet discovery that a mentor gives. 100% on your side.​ Confidentially and honestly.


If we can influence, if we can persuade effectively, it is possible to lead ourselves and others to amazing success.

Our talents are revealed in so many forms: all of us possess amazing assets. Understanding them is a different matter and this is where a third party can help. It rarely comes from colleagues, nor from the home. This is where I can help you identify your personal ​balance sheet of assets - and contingent liabilities!

Building my career, running sports teams, being a part of business communities I realised that I could help people improve and really enjoyed it.  It hit my hot spot.


I established Mentoring Services to help people shorten their route to success.  

I also joined the advisory board of Global Women Connect as I really believe that women can benefit from one-on-one coaching from a man with my background.​

When we start the benefit is immediate.  It will likely be on-line.  This removes any inhibitions.  It's over Skype, or Zoom, or WhatsApp or Facetime.  We speak openly in 100% confidence and I will guarantee an immediate impact that you will always cherish.  Or your money back.  We also begin to transfer my learning to you to help you become a stronger, more knowledgeable and better equipped person. 


Want to hear more about how you and I can improve your prospects and your business and have a lot of fun at the same time? Contact me and schedule a free half hour!


'Adrian was empowering me to continue to face the challenge both life and work and I always leave the session with positive attitude whether is to solve the problem or start something with a constructive strategy“. 

Global Women Connect feedback October 2019


'I would strongly recommend the services of Adrian, who is a highly experienced director and mentor. He has helped me hugely with our new company in recent months. His new virtual non-exec director service (V-NED) is vital for growing businesses.'

Accountant and entrepreneur, May 2019


'Adrian has been a true partner in driving the success I have achieved in the recent years. I met him through a mentorship program during a challenging phase in my career. Adrian is compassionate, giving and he genuinely cares about people. He was able to identify the core issues quickly and steer me in the right direction. He provided guidance on how to address those difficult situations and focused on actionable solutions. I also appreciated the flexibility and non-structured approach to our interactions as well as the openness. Most of all, Adrian helped me see things in a positive light and supported some key decisions I made, I learned a great deal from Adrian and I'm extremely grateful to have him as a mentor!'

Senior equities analyst, Hong Kong 2018


'In a short space of time I have a new perspective, a new outlook for progressing my freelance career. Adrian has introduced me to new ways of engaging with people, respecting unconscious needs and threats. I respect Adrian's sincere counsel, cutting through the noise to the substance of what matters.  Adrian provides a much valued service, heartily recommended.'

Turnaround Leader, December 2018

Being a successful business owner is something that can be tough and lonely. To have a person to chat through ideas and challenges, someone who is impartial with the real business and leadership expertise to guide you, is a real value add to a business owner. Knowing that my mentor is there to help me grow both my business and myself as a leader of my business, has been a game changer for me. Adrian is a mentor that I would recommend to anyone who also wants their game changing!

Business owner, February 2019

'Adrian has provided me with invaluable support: improving clarity of communication, leadership skills, cutting to the heart of issues and not being distracted by clutter; influencing skills, all of which have contributed to a significant increase in my confidence and success.'Adrian is very easy to talk to and is extremely empathetic, which encourages open and effective communication....'' 

CFO, UK 2019

'Adrian you have been so helpful! I can't thank you enough. Pitching to a business of this size would not have been in my comfort zone but with your support I have a new business confidence.'

Business owner, January 2019

'I have known Adrian for over ten years. Not only is he an absolute pleasure to work with and to be around, but he has become an extremely valuable asset to my professional growth and development.'

PR Executive, US 2018

'Adrian is an empowering mentor. His counsel and support has been invaluable. I have been inspired by his willingness to share his knowledge and experiences for the benefit of my development as a young professional.'

Manager, professional services, London November 2018