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We spend our lives talking about others.  I want to you talk about YOU.  Your talents are revealed in so many forms: all of us possess amazing assets. Understanding them is a different matter and it rarely comes from colleagues, nor from the home. So let's first identify your personal assets and create a base from which we can only succeed.


It's moments of discreet discovery that I will give to you; 100% on your side.​ Confidentially and honestly.

Building my career, running sports teams, being a part of business communities I realised that I could help people improve and I really enjoyed it.  It hit my hot spot. I established Mentoring Services to help people shorten their route to success. 

If you have ever thought "I know what I want but there's a part of me that's stopping me.'  I'm for you! I work on stress, anxiety, fear, anger, doubt, imposter syndrome and general confidence building.

I also joined the advisory board of Global Women Connect as I really believe that women can benefit from one-on-one coaching from a man with my background.​

I also believe that, if we can learn how to influence better, if we can persuade more effectively, it is possible to lead ourselves and others to amazing success. Does this sound reasonable? Then let's connect.

Here are some thoughts for you.......

Success comes from developing relationships. True?  In the workplace with customers, in the family and with friends.  But modern businesses often lead us to believe that it's all about a series of sales targets and transactions.  This leads many people who care about their 'purpose' in work and business to experience internal conflict. Here is a great example: When the banking system collapsed in 2008 few people thought it was about lost relationships but it was.  Banks had become 'transactional'. People lost their purpose and the banks failed. It is this conditioning that harms us over time if we don't challenge it.


That's one example of how people who want success need a mentor. Many of my clients are looking to understand themselves and unleash their potential. Break free & flourish is a phrase that you will hear from me! You can't break free and go backwards can you.

When we start the benefit is immediate.  It's your money.  Often over Skype, or WhatsApp we speak openly in 100% confidence and I will guarantee an immediate impact that you will always cherish.  Or your money back.  We work together to help you become a stronger, more knowledgeable and better equipped person. 


Want to hear more about how you and I can improve your prospects and your business and have a lot of fun at the same time? Contact me and schedule a free half hour!