Our work together is 100% all about YOU. How often does that happen?


Your talents, aims, what drives you, what holds you back, where you are from and where you want to go. What's in that sack of emotions that you are carrying? 


The benefit is immediate. Initially over Zoom, or WhatsApp in 100% confidence you will experience an  impact from the first minute.  The first session is free. No forms, no questionnaires.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are the techniques that I qualified in and use to help people change. I discovered NLP in my 30s and have also been using hypnotherapy since my 20s. That's there if you want it. Some people love it. Others need time to understand it. Some people just want a session of plain vanilla advice.


You'll soon notice moments of discovery, start to get stronger, experience positive change. Old blockages will soon become no longer important.


Some people say "I know what I want but there's a part of me that's stopping me.'  That feeling will disappear. Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, doubt, impostor syndrome and confidence building. Phobias even.

A special mention for women in business. I joined the advisory board of Global Women Connect in 2017 because I believe that women are a force for so much good and comprise a tiny part of business still.​ It's changing and I'm part of that.  I help them influence better, persuade more effectively, and lead themselves and others to amazing success. Men too because there's very little difference.

A final word from Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change."  

You can hear more about how you can improve your life and have fun at the same time when you make contact and schedule your first free session.