'THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ADRIAN. My mentoring with you was just the breakthrough I needed. Quarter life crisis at 25 years old; ready to leave banking; and lacking ideas and conviction in my next step. Adrian immediately helped me clarify my values and my Northstar. A week later, in the midst of the pandemic, I found the exact global team, start up mentality and expansive culture that I was looking for. Almost one year on, I am delighted with my career move and can see a meaningful path forward inside and outside of work and owe it all to Adrian.' 

City banker

'IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH CLARITY I HAVE GAINED just from those first few minutes, honestly, thank you!
I would very much like to chat again, whenever is next convenient for you.

UK start-up entrepreneur

"BEFORE I MET YOU.............." one of the best compliments - from a 37 year old in a high energy start-up

"I COULD NOT HAVE GOT TO WHERE I AM NOW without you Adrian. I was unhappy, had lost confidence and was afraid of failure. With helpful discussion and encouragement I eased back to a better self. I think everyone would benefit from his words."

Insurance professional

''ADRIAN IS SERIOUSLY GOOD at what he does.'

LinkedIn follower

'I'M ALREADY FEELING AND BEING MORE PRODUCTIVE. It's also really helpful to talk to somebody who understands the things I deal with day to day.'

Company Director


UK entrepreneur

'I ALREADY FEEL STRONGER and more confident in myself.'

Healthcare professional

'ADRIAN HELPED ME TO EXPLORE what was holding me back, how I could harness my potential and my existing skills, how to build my confidence, how to successfully combat my anxiety , and how I could begin to take action really start to make my goals a reality. Adrian is a real professional, good listener with bags of motivational energy and a personable character!'

Woman business leader

 'I STARTED USING ADRIAN'S MENTORING services during 2019 and these have proven to have a profound effect on my personal effectiveness and given me the clarity I needed to set and achieve both business and personal goals. Adrian has the ability to quickly understand business and personal issues and limiting beliefs with a laser like accuracy. He has helped me in a number of cases to be really clear on how to attack certain issues and by using visualisation techniques in order to overcome problems. This was extremely effective from a personal viewpoint when he visited me in hospital immediately after a heart scare in August 2019. His words and advice have enabled me to make major lifestyle changes that to date have seen me lose over a stone in weight and also give up alcohol for over 4 months so far; something I never thought was remotely achievable. I would certainly recommend him on both a business and personal level.'

UK Entrepreneur and business leader

'THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ME. I really enjoy our sessions.'

Senior professional


'ADRIAN IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME when I need the guidance, being a young business man sometimes the pressure gets to me and I need to understand the reasons why before moving onto the next stage. This is where Adrian steps in every time and works his magic; he understands my thought process better than myself. Without the help of Adrian, I would of never changed the thought processes that I have. Suffering with anxiety badly and not telling anyone, it’s not easy but again Adrian helps me overcome everything and understands the reasons for becoming anxious and helping me understand my emotions and what triggers them. Understanding yourself is everything for me and Adrian really shows me the right direction. For relaxed private help, he has been by far the best person I have met!'

Business owner

'SERIOUSLY YOU ARE TRULY MY GUIDING ANGEL. It is always great to speak with you. Truly grateful for your effort and your valuable time to assist me, you always help me to change my perspectives so that I can totally adapt to the ever changing situation.'

Woman entrepreneur, Hong Kong


'THANKS SO MUCH ADRIAN. The small changes are making a difference. I quoted for some new work and increased my prices and I felt better about it. I think also that although I had been dealing with feelings about my past a lot (mother, ex bosses etc) it had been troubling me and us talking it through and you saying it feels like you have managed to deal with this actually was the positive reassurance I needed to almost move on / let go of those thoughts.  The same is true for relaxation and not worrying what is mine or not. It has made me a lot calmer. There are also other things which we might not have talked about which I occasionally struggle with and being calmer and being able to look at the big picture and what I want in the fullness of time has made it easier to not struggle with those things. I am very grateful for the help you provided to me!'

Finance professional, UK

'IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS MENTOR, guide, sounding board, (Adrian isn't limited to that, he's much more) who can give you tremendous clarity backed up with deep wisdom and a ton of experience and connections, then I can highly recommend Adrian.'

Mentor to women in business, UK


'​ADRIAN WAS EMPOWERING ME to continue to face the challenge both life and work and I always leave the session with positive attitude whether is to solve the problem or start something with a constructive strategy“. 

Global Women Connect feedback

'I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND the services of Adrian, who is a highly experienced director and mentor. He has helped me hugely with our new company in recent months. His new virtual non-exec director service (V-NED) is vital for growing businesses.'

Accountant and entrepreneur

'ADRIAN HAS BEEN A TRUE PARTNER in driving the success I have achieved in the recent years. I met him through a mentorship program during a challenging phase in my career. Adrian is compassionate, giving and he genuinely cares about people. He was able to identify the core issues quickly and steer me in the right direction. He provided guidance on how to address those difficult situations and focused on actionable solutions. I also appreciated the flexibility and non-structured approach to our interactions as well as the openness. Most of all, Adrian helped me see things in a positive light and supported some key decisions I made, I learned a great deal from Adrian and I'm extremely grateful to have him as a mentor!'

Senior equities analyst, Hong Kong

'I CALLED ADRIAN to try and offer my services to him. Being the fantastic person and mentor that he is he quickly turned the call into a valuable lesson for me. The advice given was put into use and it certainly helped me. Listening to him talk I identified that he has the ability to mentor anybody in any situation so if you ever need mentor do not hesitate to contact him.'

Entrepreneur, Thailand

 'I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF WORKING WITH ADRIAN over the past year. During that time Adrian has provided me with invaluable mentoring support. Adrian is very easy to talk to and is extremely empathetic, which encourages open and effective communication, resulting in an achievable action plan on how to move forward. I have a lot to thank Adrian for and am extremely grateful for having him as my mentor.'

Finance Director

'WORKING WITH ADRIAN WAS VERY EXCITING AND A TRUE way of advice and useful guidance on the day by day business . Really elevated my everyday life, business goals and achievements. Adrian worked with me to put a business plan together to raise capital to be able to expand in one of my business and not only that , he has been also mentoring me till today with his wisdom. I run several businesses and Adrian came in the right time in my life in order for me to upscale my business and personal life . I definitely recommend Adrian if you are ready to make a change in your life for the better!'

Company CEO and business leader

'ADRIAN HAS BEEN A MASSIVE HELP FOR ME. Before I spoke to Adrian I was angry, frustrated and tired, with  a foggy view on life. After speaking with him on just a few occasions I find there is so much clarity and he made things so simple and clear for me.  I have no longer any anger or frustration. now it's more of a hunger to succeed in life and continue on my journey of self development. I look forward to every conversation we have!'


 'IN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME I HAVE A NEW PERSPECTIVE, a new outlook for progressing my freelance career. Adrian has introduced me to new ways of engaging with people, respecting unconscious needs and threats. I respect Adrian's sincere counsel, cutting through the noise to the substance of what matters.  Adrian provides a much valued service, heartily recommended.'

Turnaround Leader

'ADRIAN IS A GOOD FRIEND AND MENTOR. He inspired me at several occasions to navigate life challenges and enjoy the journey at the same time.'

Business leader

'BEING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER is something that can be tough and lonely. To have a person to chat through ideas and challenges, someone who is impartial with the real business and leadership expertise to guide you, is a real value add to a business owner. Knowing that my mentor is there to help me grow both my business and myself as a leader of my business, has been a game changer for me. Adrian is a mentor that I would recommend to anyone who also wants their game changing!'

Business owner



'ADRIAN HAS PROVIDED ME WITH INVALUABLE SUPPORT: improving clarity of communication, leadership skills, cutting to the heart of issues and not being distracted by clutter; influencing skills, all of which have contributed to a significant increase in my confidence and success.  'Adrian is very easy to talk to and is extremely empathetic, which encourages open and effective communication....'' 


ADRIAN YOU HAVE BEEN SO HELPFUL! I can't thank you enough. Pitching to a business of this size would not have been in my comfort zone but with your support I have a new business confidence.'

Business owner

'I HAVE KNOWN ADRIAN for over ten years. Not only is he an absolute pleasure to work with and to be around, but he has become an extremely valuable asset to my professional growth and development.'

PR Executive, US

'ADRIAN IS AN EMPOWERING MENTOR. His counsel and support has been invaluable. I have been inspired by his willingness to share his knowledge and experiences for the benefit of my development as a young professional.'

Manager, professional services, London

'NOT ONLY IS ADRIAN A HIGHLY VALUED and appreciated mentor within our global women mentoring program but he is also an incredible connector. In no time he was able to win the largest global law firm to our cause and support the launch of our Europe Chapter. And this has now led to a joint global mentoring scheme designed for the advancement of women in business. We are enormously grateful.

Laurence Anjoras, GWC General Secretary and Europe Chapter Co-Founder www.globalwomenconnect.org