V-NED Virtual Non-Executive

There's a gap in the market between a full on adviser and somebody who brings a mentoring style for executives. I call this a 'Corporate Mentor'.


Imagine a lasting relationship with no fixed contract; business advice over Skype instead of self-justifying visits and grunge filled board meetings. A life friend at an exec's right hand, 100% on their side.


It works well because I've realised that driving up and down motorways sucks!  And it sucks up time and costs money.  Obviously there will be occasional visits but this easy communicative approach works better. There's no faffing - we Skype when you are ready, and get on with the day.   You'll like it.  Guaranteed.


You have access to 35 years in financing, legal, sourcing, sales & marketing, restructuring and business improvement. It's a bit like having a virtual NED.


V-NED is a service for companies that don't want the hassle and the cost of a full-on Non Executive Director yet want to access the knowledge and experience of a NED at a fraction of the cost and without the fixed contract that goes with a full board appointment.


As a virtual NED I would not join your board but would provide the independent oversight and work on all the same issues and more within the company. Plus, I mentor you!

​A non-executive director is capable of seeing the company and its business in broad perspective, assist in strategy formulation, refinancing, employee and governance matters. You receive all of this as well and much more.


​The cost of this really depends on the work involved but would be significantly cheaper than a board appointment with all the fixed cost that this entails.