Virtual Non-Executive or Virtual mentor

No fixed contract. No self-justifying visits or grunge board meetings.  A life friend at the directors' right hand, 100% on their side. I have developed V-NED to cut your cost and the hassle that I've seen over many years working with precious Non-Execs.

And the mentoring service that I provide to you and your staff provides the opportunity to have talent coached and mental health problems resolved at minimal cost. Where else can you turn?  Sick notes and pills? 


Driving up and down motorways sucks up time and costs money and promotes self importance. We Zoom when you are ready, and get on with the day. Try it for free for an hour. Just email or call me.


I was in restructuring, performance improvement, finance and commercial for 40 years. Sales too. Have it whilst I'm still young enough to give back.


V-NED is a service for people who want to access the knowledge and experience of a NED without the fixed contract that goes with a full board appointment.

When you need someone who is capable of seeing the company and its business in broad perspective, assist in strategy formulation, refinancing, employee and governance matters, call me first. You will receive all of this as well and a lot more.  Excellent references are available.