Mentoring, coaching and hypnotherapy for ambitious people

Mentoring Services


'Absolutely bloody brilliant!'  'By far the best person I have met'  'A game changer'​  'A true partner'  'I already feel stronger and more confident'  'An empowering mentor'  ​'Cuts through the noise'  'Great integrity'  

'You are truly my guiding angel.'

My purpose

I'm Adrian Doble, an NLP Master, a CBT coach, and a fully qualified hypnotherapist to really cement change.  In every aspect of life. Whatever you choose, I guarantee that you will benefit from the first minute of our coming together. Or you pay nothing. Read what other people say about the amazing experience they had.

It's about you

A coach by your side bringing out the very best in you, removing doubts, fears, anxieties is priceless. Because that time is all about you. Allowing you to grow in confidence, create energy and power as we work together.  Come and define and refine your goals and make changes that you and others will admire. Develop your ambitions in absolute confidence.  And turn those things that hold you back into history. Release yourself.  Break free and flourish.

Shorten your route to success

Mentoring shortens the route to success. Self development on your own is brutal. But two of us working together for your benefit is amazing. All of us have had inner 'stuff' that's held us back but work with me and we will not only get rid of it for good, allowing you to grow and flourish but we will give you the power to achieve whatever you want.  And if you want hypnotherapy to embed that change, it's all there for you in one place.

For businesses too

I also provide business leaders with advice and support. On reversing decline, planning exits, refinancing and I provide informal non-exec services for companies of every size. It's what I did for 40 years! Fast, flexible and effective.  Leadership is a very lonely place. No contracts, no hassle. Best of class advice.