Es Vedra, Ibiza

On-line or face to face confidential mentoring, coaching and in depth business advice

'Caring, compassionate, a game changer'

'Quickly understands with laser like accuracy!'

Let's talk about you

Discuss and develop your dreams, your vision and plans 

Define and refine your career choices

Excel and be proud of yourself

Overcome resistance and influence with confidence

Transition into a great leader and radiate respect

Learn how to create and price for new business at will

Wave goodbye to baggage, limiting fears and doubt

All discussed 100% confidentially

We need a mentor

We all need a mentor.  It's moments of discreet discovery, feedback and encouragement that a mentor gives. 100% on your side.​

I established Mentoring Services to help people to find success.  

When you engage with me the benefit is 100% immediate because we do it over Skype or WhatsApp. We can meet face to face if you prefer.


Unleash the stronger, more knowledgeable and better person that is inside you - right now 


If we can influence, if we can persuade effectively, it is possible to lead ourselves and others to amazing success.

  • 'Easy to talk with...'

  • 'Extremely empathetic'

  • 'A true partner'

  • 'A empowering mentor'

  • ​'Cuts through the noise'

  • 'Influencing skills'

  • ​'Provided invaluable support'

  • ​'Would recommend to anyone'

  • ​'Compassionate & giving'

  • ​'Supported key decisions'

  • 'New ways of engaging'