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Personal development online or face to face. 

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I offer a service for boards either as a NED or offering straight forward business advice. I also mentor leaders and key employees. I have been doing this for decades as you will see on my LinkedIn profile or from my testimonials.

About Adrian

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change." Einstein was right.

I'm Adrian Doble, an NLP Master and CBT coach, working online and face to face with ambitious people who want to improve, change or break free and have a mentor at hand to help them excel. If you want to read what clients say please click the testimonials tab below. Or click my pic for the video.

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"I view my role as a professional friend and realise that the relationship is precious. My clients place their trust in me and my duty to them is crystal clear. I have to be there, when they need me and demonstrate a continuously high level of professional competence." 

'IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS MENTOR, guide, sounding board, (Adrian isn't limited to that, he's much more) who can give you tremendous clarity backed up with deep wisdom and a ton of experience and connections, then I can highly recommend Adrian.'

Woman in business

'ADRIAN HAS PROVIDED GREAT GUIDANCE AND MENTOR to me during a period of adjustment and reflection. Adrian is very patient, intuitive and perceptive, making you feel at ease from the start and giving very practical insights and advice. He is a great source of positivism and optimism, which is very inspiring. Thank you Adrian!'

UK Retail CEO

'THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ME. I really enjoy our sessions.'

Senior Professional

"IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH CLARITY I HAVE GAINED just from those first few minutes, honestly, thank you!
I would very much like to chat again, whenever is next convenient for you."

Uk Startup Entrepreneur

"I COULD NOT HAVE GOT TO WHERE I AM NOW without you Adrian. I was unhappy, had lost confidence and was afraid of failure. With helpful discussion and encouragement I eased back to a better self. I think everyone would benefit from his words."

Insurance Professional

'I'M ALREADY FEELING AND BEING MORE PRODUCTIVE. It's also really helpful to talk to somebody who understands the things I deal with day to day.'

Company Director