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'A game changer'​ 'Extremely empathetic' 'A true partner' 'An empowering mentor' ​'Cuts through the noise' 'Great integrity' ​'Provided invaluable support'​

'Would recommend to anyone' ​'Compassionate & giving' ​'Supported key decisions' 'Really elevated my everyday life' 'He made things so simple and clear for me' 'I have a new perspective, a new outlook' By far the best person I have met'

'It is always great to speak with you and I am truly grateful for your effort and your valuable time to assist me. You always help me to change my perspectives so that I can totally adapt to the ever changing situation. Seriously you are truly my guiding angel.'

My purpose

I'm Adrian Doble, an NLP Master, a CBT coach, Happiness Coach and a fully qualified hypnotherapist.  I help with every aspect of life. I created Mentoring Services to give back to others and, whatever you choose, I know that you will benefit from the first minute of our coming together. In fact that's my promise to you. And because the first session is free you can choose with no commitment.  Read what other people say about the amazing experience they had.

Shorten your route to success

Mentoring shortens the route to success because it allows you to be more effective in filtering your emotions.  All of us have had inner 'stuff' which we know is subconscious but as we try to solve that stuff consciously we become 'stuck'.  It's so really difficult to do through our personal filters.  Work with me within a bond of friendship to grow and flourish. That is what I offer to you.

It's about you

You can discuss and develop your life plans in absolute confidence, having someone to talk with openly about innermost doubts and uncertainties that we all have and often bottle up.  Imagine being able to redefine your life and make changes that you and others will respect. Come and turn all those things that hold you back into history and release yourself.  Break free and flourish.

For business leaders

As well as mentoring, I provide business leaders with advice and support on growth strategy, reversing decline, planning exits, refinancing and I provide informal non-exec services for companies of every size. In fact every aspect of business. It's an extension of what I did for 40 years. It's fast, flexible and cost effective.  Leadership is a very lonely place at times so get in touch and arrange personal expert help at the other end of a call. No contracts, no hassle.