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I'm Adrian Doble

Having a mentor shortens the time to success.  It gives perspective and the power to achieve whatever you want, whether it's to dump unwanted emotions that no longer serve you, allowing you to change, grow and flourish, or to learn new skills such as leading, selling or building a team around you. 


And if you want hypnotherapy to embed that change, it's all there for you in one place, one price.  It's almost impossible to change using the thoughts that created the way we are. Having a different perspective is essential to reframing our lives.

I'm a NLP Master and CBT coach, working online and face to face with ambitious people who want a mentor in order to change, achieve or excel.

I worked for decades in change management, with boards, on boards in some really difficult situations. In big companies and small owner managed companies. I now do this for you.

I realise that our relationship is precious. My clients place their trust in me and my duty to them is crystal clear. I have to be there, when they need me and demonstrate a continuously high level of professional competence. 

By your side, enabling you to grow, energise and move forward we will make changes that you and people around you will admire.  Guaranteed and in absolute confidence. 

I will help you in total confidence.

I also help business leaders, mentoring them, or their staff, coaching excellence, managing stress and anxiety, training salespeople, communicators.

I also provide business leaders with Non-Executive advice and support for companies of every size. Fast, flexible and effective. You know how lonely leadership can be. That's why I've dispensed with contracts and simply offer best of class advice.


My early years

I quit smoking at 22 with hypnotherapy and realised for the first time that the mind is much more powerful that we can ever imagine.

Building a career

By 40 I was working full on with business leaders facing the prospect of radical change and began to realise the power of mentoring.

Stepping back

After 40 years in business I decided to leave the City and follow a coaching and mentoring path that I always knew I would take.

Giving back

In 2018 I launched Mentoring Services and requalified as a Master NLP coach, CBT coach and hypnotherapist. Step one came round full circle.