NLP is incredibly powerful. It allows us to change the way we filter and process thoughts and emotions in our minds. It's about letting go of old and empowering new ways. 

NLP will change you in the first free session. Otherwise you won't be back will you!


Neuro Linguistic Programming is used to improve our understanding of ourselves and how other people are thinking.


Through this we can understand ourselves better and become altogether happier and more effective.

CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is about your beliefs that you have been practicing, often for decades. Some beliefs inspire greatness but others hold us back. CBT has been used in elite sports for years and is a proven way of changing life limiting habits and patterns. 


We will only use hypnotherapy when you agree. It is simple. When we are relaxed we are more open to new ideas, letting go, changing beliefs, allowing new ways in. 


Stage hypnotists have ruined the reality by suggesting that you lose control. This cannot be further than the truth.

Hypnotherapy is a simple technique that hands you the power to change really quickly.

When you relax your sub-conscious mind opens to new possibilities and, if it likes what it hears, it changes.

That's it in a nutshell. It's fun, safe and totally ethical.