Feel free to call or text me on 07767 205680 or email I'll get back to you immediately when I see it.

You will benefit from the first minute of our first coming together and will continue throughout whatever program you choose. Whatever you spend on yourself will be paid back many many times over.  I guarantee.

Try it for free.  The first session is complimentary because you may be nervous or have natural doubts but you'll soon be amazed at how effective it is.  If you decide to continue on we will agree a fee based on how much attention you want from me.  This might be in real time daily, or weekly or just from time to time. If you decide you want more time it means that you may not be ready.  I will hold your booking open for when you decide to return.


Our relationship is one of 100% trust and confidential friendship whatever the outcome. 

For Skype or WhatsApp video mentoring (by far the most effective*), we will agree an hourly rate. For a structured mentoring plan say 4 times a month it will be even cheaper.

Additionally you are free to WhatsApp me on a day to day advice line and have 5 minute chats when you are in need.

I am really happy to have physical face to face meetings.  You will find though that you will soon look forward to the Zoom call as a part of your routine because it is so easy.​


​Finally, we start from the first minute.  It is instant self learning and you will be amazed. I would recommend a free trial using this approach.  It really works. Just look at what people say.

100% confidentiality is assured