Call or text me on 07767 205680 or email I'll get back to you immediately I see it.

I guarantee that you will benefit from the first minute of our first coming together and whatever you spend on yourself will be paid back many many times over.

Try it for free.  The first session is complimentary.  When you decide to continue we will agree an hourly fee.


Our relationship is one of 100% trust and confidential friendship, whatever the outcome.

For Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, video mentoring is by far the most effective, so you get to talk from the comfort of your own home or office. 


You can message me on a free day to day advice line and have a chat when in need. This is complimentary.

We might choose to have a physical face to face meet-up.  This reinforces learning and because of this you will look forward to the video calls as a part of your development program. It all makes sense because it is so easy.​


We start from the first minute. The first is free. There are no forms (except for smoking cessation) and you pay afterwards.  It is instant learning. and because of that it works instantly.